Beginning Wheel Throwing - MON 7p-10p

Students will learn to use hand/eye coordination, pressure and speed, while working with clay on the wheel. You will be taught clay preparation, 3 easy steps to centering, the basic elements of throwing, and 5 glaze application techniques. Clay will be provided as needed, up to 75 lbs, along with unlimited open studio. A beginning clay toolkit will be available for purchase at the studio. Ages 16 and up.

MON 7p-10p
Runs 4/3/17 - 6/20/17
Instructor: Mike Kuhn

Regular Cost: $255

Regular Member or Senior: $245
egular Senior Member: $235


The Michigan Art Center is located at 32129 Block Street, Garden City, MI 48135. For more information, please visit our website at

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Beginning Wheel Throwing - MON 7p-10p

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