Beginning Wheel Throwing - MON 7p-10p

Students will learn to use hand/eye coordination, pressure and speed, while working with clay on the wheel. You will be taught clay preparation, 3 easy steps to centering, the basic elements of throwing, and 5 glaze application techniques. Clay will be provided as needed, up to 50 lbs, along with open studio. A beginning clay toolkit will be available for purchase at the studio. Ages 16 and up.

MON 7p-10p

Runs 1/4/2021-3/15/2021

Instructor: Mike Kuhn

Regular Cost: $265

Regular Member or Senior: $255

Regular Senior Member: $245


Potters Market/Production* Cost: $365 | Members & Senior Cost: $355 | Senior Member Cost: $345

*Production potters are those artists who create their work for resale on the internet, boutiques, stores, art shows, galleries, Potter's Market, commissions, etc.

The Michigan Art Center is located at 32129 Block Street, Garden City, MI 48135. For more information, please visit our website at

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Beginning Wheel Throwing - MON 7p-10p

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