The Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller
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The Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller

Wall-mounted or free-standing: $1,599.00, includes free shipping

The Original Hi Roller was developed to form better slabs, with amazing speed, nearly dust-free and with noticably less user effort. The innovative forming process in combination with the vertical orientation makes the slabs better. Designed and engineered classroom tough, guaranteed for life.
  • Its innovative vertical design saves tons of space.
  • Its quick-pass technology forms better slabs with amazing speed in one quick pass
  • It requires much less physical effort
  • The canvas is integrated into the design, perfectly aligned and ready when you are
  • Additional canvases are available that integrate quickly to accommodate multiple clay bodies and act as a transport system to carry slabs to the work table untouched.
  • Durable - American-made with steel and ball-bearing construction, chain and sprocket drive system
  • Lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.

How it works - Just offer a block of clay to the roller as the drive handle is rotated. Your clay is drawn down through the free-wheeling (idler) rollers and returned in just seconds, ready for use. A single pass is all it takes. Roll an auxillary canvas down along with the clay and the clay and your slab is gently adhered to the transport canvas in the forming process which can now be carried away totally flat and untouched. 
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  • Item #: EQ-HiRoller

The Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller

Price: $1,599.00
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